Pick me!! Come Visit our Weekend Dog Adoption Events

Too many pets wind up in local animal shelters each year…..Here at Sierra Fish and Pets we take pride in hosting adoption events through rescue organizations for dogs on most weekends. With how many dogs and cats that end up in shelters we feel its our duty as a pet store to do anything we can to help decrease those numbers and help rescue in any way possible. We have been very successful working with multiple agencies in getting countless dogs adopted into loving homes and then setting owners up with everything they need to spoil their new four legged friend. All of our employees are very well versed in dog food/care and are more than happy to offer their advice and helping your pet transition into their dogpostnew home. Call us today or check out Events Calendar for our next Dog Adoption Event. We also rescue cats ourselves here at Sierra Fish and Pets and have them available for adoption typically during the spring and summer months. We get the kittens we take -in vet checked, give them their first set of shots, and give them flea and worm treatments. Typically we have kittens up for
adoption around spring and summertime. Call us for availability 425.226.3215. Sierras is happy being home to a wide variety of critters big and small. Everything from birds, reptiles, small animals, fresh/saltwater fish and even snakes and spiders. We like to think that there is a special animal out there for everyone and one of our favorite things about working with pets is helping find which one is right for you and your family. All our employees adore all the animals but if you specifically want an expert on the particular animal you are interested in, every section has an expert on staff who can help you with the pet you choose. All the pets we carry have various adoption fees and we carry wide selection of all the pet supplies you need for your special friend. The most important thing to remember when adopting any animal is the responsibility you now have to give this animal the best care possible for its entire life.
When thinking about adopting a pet be a responsible pet owner and know what short term care and long term care will be involved. Buying the proper home, food and toys are just part of pet care. Love and consistency are equally important to your pets well being. Being an attentive pet owner helps keep your pet healthy and happy and regular vet visits are a must. Also please make sure your lifestyle and home are going to be compatible for its entire life when deciding to adopt a pet. Let’s all do what we can to help eliminate animals going to shelters and be a responsible pet owner.