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It’s easy to enjoy a beautiful thriving tropical aquarium in your home or office confidently set up and maintained by Sierra Fish & Pets. You will enjoy a healthy, beautiful aquarium where fish, corals, plants, and reef can thrive with our experienced, trained aquatic specialist by your side. You’ll get the help and advice you’re looking for.

Our aquatic mission is to make it easier and more enjoyable for you to create a thriving salt water fish, fresh water fish or reef aquarium in your home or office. Whether you want to maintain your own aquarium or would like for us to design, install, and service it for you. Sierra Fish & Pets goal is to not only allow your livestock to survive in captivity, but to thrive in captivity.

Sierra Fish & Pets, a full service aquatic service company, serves the entire Greater Seattle area. As far north as Everett, as far south as Tacoma, call us for information on any type of aquarium servicing.

Enjoy an aquarium without lifting a finger. It’s simple to enjoy a gorgeous, thriving aquarium without any work– simply have one of our experienced professionals setup your fish tank for you. Aquarium maintenance services are simple to arrange for any size aquarium and any size budget. We provide custom acrylic or glass aquariums in all shapes and sizes. There are many styles for you to choose from to fit your design and decor of your home or office. Contact us so we can help you create an aquatic masterpiece. We provide set-ups for: Fresh Water Fish, Salt Water Fish, coral Reef Tanks, or Planted Tanks
Call us today or stop on by to make an appointment to get you aquarium hobby started today!

Thinking about a new saltwater aquarium but don’t know how to go about getting the correct one? Want to create a natural freshwater planted ecosystem but don’t know the filtration, lighting, or supplies you need? We offer customized design-installation-and maintenance services for your home or office for any size and budget. Call 425-226-3215 to find out more about Aquarium Consulting. We offer free estimates on aquarium installation and competitively priced consulting. Inside our basic service area $60* consulting fee will incur $100* fee outside our extended area. Let us come out and design an aquarium to fulfill all your aquatic needs. We can come out to your home or office for a small fee to spec out an aquarium for you. We can give you ideas on the best filtration, lighting, and accessories to help fulfill all your aquatic wishes.
*All fees are refundable with a purchase of an aquarium set-up from SF&P.

Have been looking at glass or acrylic aquariums and have come to realize the standard size fish tanks just don’t work in the aquarium space you have provided? Then you may be in the need of a built to order custom glass or acrylic aquarium quoted out by our professional trained staff here at Sierra Fish & Pets. We serve the greater Seattle area for all sized commercial fish tanks or custom made fish tanks. Whether you need a larger commercial aquarium, or you need an overflow built in for a custom fish tank design. Sierra Fish can help you build you glass or acrylic fish tank with all the special requirements. We work with some of the top fish tank aquarium manufactures in the world and have been for years. We deal directly with the aquarium builder from custom design, to quoting out your aquarium, to ordering your custom built fish tank. If you are in the need of a custom made aquarium for your home or a commercial aquarium for your business contact the custom glass or acrylic aquarium professionals at Sierra Fish & Pets today.

Thinking about an aquarium set-up, but intimidated by the installation? This is the easiest way for you to get started on the right foot with your new freshwater or saltwater aquarium. Your new aquarium, all of its components will be delivered and setup at your home or office (with installation purchase). We will set-up any aquarium whether you purchased from us or a previously owned set-up. If a tank package is purchased from Sierra and delivery is required, delivery will be free within a 5 mile radius of our store. (Tank package must be $250.00 or higher). If you are outside a 5 mile radius the prices vary on distance traveled and techs required at the delivery site. If you purchase Sierra’s installation service, delivery is included in the set-up fee up to a 20 mile radius. Outside a 20 mile radius extra delivery charges may incur. Delivery is available for aquariums up to 72 inches long, 48 inches wide and 28 inches tall. Some restrictions may apply. Call Sierra Fish & Pets for details.
We offer free estimates for delivery and installation based on size of aquarium and distance to travel.

Aquarium Installation Prices are based on the size of the aquarium, the type of set-up (filtration, plumbing, etc.), and the distance for travel time. Installation prices for previously owned aquariums are based on an hourly rate. Set-ups purchased through Sierra Fish are all figured on a flat fee basis.

Included in your aquarium installation services you’ll learn:
• How much to feed your fish and invertebrates and how often.
• How to maintain a healthy, thriving environment for your fish, invertebrates, live rock or live coral.
• Basic functions of the aquarium and all of its components.
• How to spot danger in your tank and what to do about it.
• How often to maintain your aquarium so it continues to look beautiful.

Help keep your freshwater or saltwater aquarium healthy and gorgeous without lifting a finger by using a convenient aquarium service plan. If your aquarium needs a little help or if you’re just tired of the maintenance call us so we can take over and make your fish tank beautiful again. We service all sizes of aquariums freshwater, saltwater, planted, or reef. No commercial aquarium job to big, no residential fish tank too small we can set up a service plan that is right for you at your home or business. Call us today to get a free quote.
Aquarium service prices vary on the size of aquarium, type of set-up (freshwater, saltwater, planted tank, or reef), and location of the aquarium to service at your home or business. We can set up service plans on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis to fit with your schedule or budget. We service and maintain aquariums throughout the greater Seattle area. Call us today for more details 425-226-3215

• Water testing for ph, nitrite, nitrate, ammonia and alkalinity. These tests determine whether your aquarium environment is healthy for your current fish and fish you may want to add. For reef tanks we also test for calcium, phosphates, and magnesium.
• Equipment testing and maintenance to ensure your aquarium equipment is running correctly.
• Cleaning/replacing filter inserts, cleaning the aquarium glass or acrylic, and a partial water change.
• Saltwater and “basic” chemicals for the tank.
• Reverse Osmosis water for reef tanks

Need someone to check on your freshwater or saltwater aquarium when you are on vacation or away from your business on a holiday weekend? Sierra Fish can set up an aquarium service plan with you to make sure your fish tank is in full function and your aquarium livestock is taken care of while you are gone. Reasonable prices to pay for the peace of mind you will receive knowing your fish tank is in good hands. You can even have us met up with a neighbor/family member let us take care of your talk while you are away.

We can stop by and check on the aquarium and feed the fish. Or create a custom aquarium maintenance plan of several aquarium service options. We can even clean and service the aquarium while you are gone! Prices vary on the route and aquarium duties needed per visit. We can customize a vacation plan for you for your home or office. Call today for more details. 425-226-3215.

When its time for you to move, the last thing you want to worry about is your aquarium. Even moving your tank from one area of the house to another can be a pain. Sierra Fish & Pets provides professional, expert, aquarium moving service for the Seattle metro area. Let us move your fish tank so you don’t have to. We can move your glass or acrylic aquarium to your new home or office and all the aquarium livestock. Prices for aquarium moves are based on the size of the aquarium, amount of fish, corals, live rock, etc. needed to transport, distance to travel, and aquarium techs required for the aquarium move. Call us today for more detail or a price estimate 425-226-3215
** We ask that you call at least 2 week prior to requested service request.

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