Are you fond of keeping aquariums and freshwater or saltwater fish at home? If so purchasing all your aquarium products from Sierra Fish & Pets is your first step to a healthy, successful aquarium.

Unlike other pets that you can touch and hold, tropical fish need just as much care and proper equipment selection must go into setting up their correct habitat.  Tropical fish and saltwater in particular need more care when keeping aquariums at your home. They must be provided with a correct filtration, lighting, and all the equipment necessary so they can thrive in captivity. Keeping aquariums does not just involve getting a glass/acrylic aquarium and filling it with water. There is a lot of things you need to know in the set-up, maintenance and service long term.   at Sierra Fish & Pets are here for you and your aquarium.

  • Special Offers

We provide a wide range of all types of aquatic supplies that can help you in keeping your aquarium healthy.  We even offer specials for you to save $$$ on the products we recommend and use as hobbyists.   All you have to do is to visit our Special Offers page. There you will be provided with information on the latest freshwater and saltwater products we have on sale.  Make sure to Print off our Coupons to save even more!!!

  • See our On-Line Products

We also have a plethora of items that will help you in keeping your aquarium in tip top condition.  We make it easier for you to purchase them with convenience as well.  By maintaining proper water quality, creating a correct service/cleaning schedule, and the proper equipment for your set-up you can keep your aquarium a natural display of beauty.  Some of the products we carry you can find by shopping our on-line store.   

  • Aquatic Education

If you have decided to make an investment into the wonderful world of aquariums, you should do everything you can to make your new aquarium as healthy and tranquil as possible.  As you begin your adventure into the aquarium hobby make sure you gather as much information about setting up and maintaining your aquarium that are available at our Sierra EDU page.  By getting the correct equipment, providing on-going maintenance, and adding the correct types of fish, corals, plants, and invertebrates, you can aquarium that is visually appealing and easier to service.  

  • Sierra is here to help In-Store or On-line

We offer you a wide range of Freshwater and Saltwater livestock options for you to choose from.  Whether you have a betta bowl, nano tank, or larger custom aquarium purchasing your aquarium products from your one stop shop for all your aquatic needs.  If fish are your fancy we carry a large selection of freshwater fish from bettas to goldfish, cichlids to tetras Sierra Fish & Pets carry the fish the fish selection you just dont see at other stores.  If you like natural live plants then come talk to one of our planted tank specialist to get the right plant for your aquascape and lighting parameters.  When you have mastered the freshwater side of the hobby come see our selection of saltwater.  Here you can choose the reef tank that best fits your style and start stocking it with fish, live rock, corals, and inverts.  Bring the world of aquariums to your home with the help from our aquatic experts at Sierra Fish & Pets. 

 Happy Fishing

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