Wanting to have a good environment for your new pet bird?  With the help of Sierra Fish and Pets we will take your bird to its new paradise.

  • Bird Education

As an owner of a bird, you should be aware of the needs and how to provide the best possible care of your pet bird. Most birds can make a very nice pet but you must be aware of the upkeep, lifespan, and commitment you must make to become a bird owner. Birds can be the best of companions. They are very smart and can have as much personality and intelligence as a young child.  Many birds enjoy company of people that can make them very nice, tame, and cuddly at the same time.  Birds must continue to have a social contact with people.  All they need is simply the attention and unconditional care that they seek to create their paradise. In spite of their adorable features and attractive nature, taking good care of the pet bird can be time consuming. Learn all of this with the help from Sierra EDU page.

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Pet birds love to get along with their owners.  Hand-Fed baby birds are raised by the owner and are much easier to tame and look at the owner as it’s “mother”.  Flight raised birds are raised by the mother bird and may need a bit more work to tame down At Sierra Fish & Pets we carry both hand-fed and flight raised bird.  We carry a selection of birds from finches to budgies, cockatiels to canaries.  We even carry small parrots like conures.  We also carry all the cages, foods, and accessories to care for your bird and give them the correct environment.  If you have been thinking about getting a pet bird or just want to learn more about the care and whats available stop by today to see one of our bird experts.

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Birds need a variety of products for long-term happiness.  There are varieties of cages for all sizes of birds both big and small.  Some cages have dome-tops and some come with a built in play-pen for your bird.  They all need a bird cage with perches and feeders to hold their bird food.   Feeding a variety of seeds, fruit blends, natural maintenance diets and treat sticks this will provide the correct diet.  To enhance their environment look into a variety of bird toys, ropes, swings, mirrors, and ladders.   Keep them entertained with constant supply of new chew toys and interactive bird toys that keep them active and puzzled.  Reward them with dried fruit or nut treats, millet spray or treat sticks when they have been a well behaved parrot.  Remember the more you offer your bird typically the less destructive they can be.  See some of the products we offer on-line or in-store.

  • Special Offers

Replacing out bird toys can be quite expensive over time.  Why not save some $$$ while shopping with us.  All you need to do is check out our Special Offers Page.  There you will see some of the current specials we have going in-store and can also get valuable coupons to help with your purchase of bird products.       



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