Do you want to do all you can to fill your cat with joy? If yes, then Sierra Fish & Pets is what you need.

Taking care of a cat is not the same as taking care of other pets. Mostly because cats are different animals to begin with and can be a bit finicky.  Like other pets, cats need proper attention and care.  As a cat owner, you should do all you can to provide the proper care and correct nutrition for your feline friend.  By choosing the correct products a smile on your face and bond with your feline’s will surely be formed.

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Regardless of whether you are looking for cat toys, food, treats or others cat accessories, we got it covered.   Just surf our list of products at our on-line store and check out what we have to offer.  You will be delighted in seeing the items that you can provide your beloved feline. Give them a basket full of toys that they will truly adore.  An interactive treat dispenser to keep them occupied for hours.  Either way your cat will never be bored again.  We offer a wide range of  toys/treats that are squeaky, shinny, or smelly. Need something for urinary tract or hairballs? We got the natural remedies that will keep your cat purring.  Maybe a new cat bed or a cat furniture where you might just catch Him-a-lay-in around.  Get these great cat products and more by shopping with your neighborhood pet professionals at Sierra Fish & Pets. 

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Cat treats are a necessity and we offer a wide selection here at Sierra Fish & Pets. You can use treats as you train your kitty to perform tricks or to get them to behave more.  We have a variety of premium foods that would aid in their feline development, regardless of what stage in life they’re in.  Choose from dry kibble or a variety of canned food options such as shredded meat or pate.  You can also think about advancing into alternative feline diets like freeze-dried, semi-moist, or raw.  Purchasing the correct foods from us means that you are getting the very best in nutrition, quality, and as always GUARANTEED*.

  • Cat Education

As a part of taking care of your kitty cat (aside from purchasing products) you must also fill yourself with knowledge on how to care for them correctly.  We provide information on how you can give your cat the very best in health and nutrition.  We are here to help you with the care and well-being of your cat. You can find this and more information on our Sierra EDU page.

  • Special Offers

While making the correct decision on your cat products, why not save money $$$.  We offer you the chance to save by keeping up to date on our current specials and coupon offerings.  All you need to do is check out our special offers page. (And make sure to get the coupons). Regardless of whether your a first time cat owner or a “crazy” cat person, it is best to start off with the right selection of products.  Seeing your cat having fun can also entertain you.  That’s why it’s never a waste for you to spoil them, especially if you spoil them with the help from the friendly, knowledgeable staff at Sierra Fish & Pets.

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