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Reptiles are known as cold-blooded animals that have the ability to regulate their temperature according to its environment that they live in.  While some people believe that they do not require much care that is not always the case. It is true that it can be much easier to care for reptiles than other pets.  They are an interesting kind of animal given the correct habitat and care.

  • Reptile Education

It is important to care for their health of your reptile by providing the proper foods, lighting, temperature, and enclosure. We can provide you guidelines on as to how you would be able to care for their overall health through the information that we would be providing to you at our Sierra EDU page. There are care sheets for each reptile species we carry.  They all have a unique set of care requirements and lighting requirements. By browsing through our EDU page, you will be able to determine more about the specific species of reptile you desire as well as how you would best be able to take care of them.

  • Special Offers

Regardless of whether you are raising multiple reptiles as a hobby or you are a first time reptile owner, we will help you be fully equipped and prepared with all the supplies that are needed to keep them correctly.  Make sure their habitat is a place where they can live comfortably by providing the correct terrarium set-up.  Make sure to provide them with the correct temperature, humidity, lighting, and bedding. It would be best for you to buy the supplies from the experts especially if you like to save money. We also provide monthly special offers off our everyday low prices. You can find them at our specials page.  Make sure to find our coupons to save even more.

  • See our On-Line Products

You will surely love all the reptile products that we offer. All of them are essential in taking care of you reptile and preventing long term issues like MBD (Metabolic Bone Disease).  Some of the products we sell are available for purchase at our on-line store.

  • Sierra is here to help In-Store or On-Line

Although the most natural habitat of reptiles is in the wild, it is possible for you duplicate closely the exact environment they would normally see.  That is possible with experts at Sierra Fish & Pets by your side.  We are not only reptile experts but we are also hobbyists and know the correct care for all our animals.  We are considered a place you will be able to find all the necessary items to take care for your reptile the very best way possible. We can help you provide an ideal environment for keeping your reptile and we have all the necessary supplies.  We not only carry the habitats and supplies for your reptile, we also carry an extensive selection of snakes, lizards, tarantulas, frogs, and tortoises. Therefore, if you want the best in reptiles, purchase your supplies from Sierra Fish & Pets.

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